Are you an environment lover who is heading toward a greener lifestyle and desiring to contribute to environmental protection? Are you in a divided mind as to Where is the best place to buy rice drinking straws? Come to Xanh Vietnam. We specialize in providing rice straws wholesale prices, diversified sizes and colors with OEM service, meeting all needs of use.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Rice Drinking Straws?

Where is the best place to buy rice straws?
Where is the best place to buy rice straws?

Not only in Vietnam, but other countries around the globe are also facing environmental pollution, which is becoming more and more serious. Millions tons of waste are released into the environment annually. They cause serious impacts on human health and life, affecting other species and ecosystems. To contribute to the reduction of the amount of waste released into the environment, various practical action programs for the environment have been initiated. The most typical campaign is reducing the amount of hard-to-decompose garbage by using items made from biodegradable materials. And rice straws are one of the most pragmatic candidates for this movement.

Currently on the market there are many suppliers of eco-friendly rice straws. Just do a search on Google, you will easily be overwhelmed with the countless search results appearing before your eyes. Xanh Vietnam is proud to be a prime quality and environmentally friendly biodegradable rice straws supplier.

Contact Xanh Vietnam for advice and specific information about biodegradable & wholesale price Rice straws, OEM service, etc.

Why Xanh Vietnam is the best place to buy rice drinking straws?

You can set your mind at rest about the quality of rice straw products from Xanh Vietnam. We are committed to delivering rice drinking straws of highest quality:

✔️ Safe for users’ health.

✔️ Stay in shape for over 2 hours of use in water.

✔️ Do not alter the taste of the drinks.

✔️ Up to 18 months of storage time under normal conditions.

✔️ Totally eco-friendly and biodegradable within 90 days.

Xanh Vietnam Manufacturer

Xanh Vietnam factory is located in Binh Chanh province, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on a 2300m² area. Our manufacturing facility consists of four production lines that run two shifts per day, allowing us to supply 1,200 tons of rice straws to the market annually. We are committed to deliver rice drinking straws of the highest quality to the market. Besides increasing production capacity in the near future, we also invest heavily in R&D through research programs with major universities across the country. All stages of our production process, from material sources to manufacturing facilities, are certified by international benchmarks, namingly HACCP and ISO 22000:2018.

Where to buy rice drinking straws?
Xanh Vietnam Factory

OEM Service For Rice Drinking Straws

In addition, Xanh Vietnam also provides OEM service so that customers can choose the processing specifications and packaging designs as required to create their very own rice straw products which transmit the brand message to everyone. This is the difference in how we produce rice straws here at Xanh Vietnam.

Where to buy rice drinking straws?
OEM service for rice drinking straws

With a dedicated and professional team, Xanh Vietnam is always ready to advise customers from sizes, styles, colors to packaging designs to get the most satisfactory and suitable products. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us serve you and together we make our environment greener.

Some Kinds Of Prominent Straws At Xanh Vietnam

Cocktail Rice Straw: This is a straw with a diameter of 3mm. It is perfectly suitable to enjoy the delicate taste of Cocktail, Mojito, and so on.

Cocktail Rice Straw

Standard Rice Straw: This straw has a diameter of 6mm. It is suitable for many types of summer beverages such as orange juice, fruit juice, mocktail, etc. The product is provided in 3 forms: flat end, sharp end and with individual wrapping.

Standard Rice Straw

Smoothie Rice Straw: With a diameter of 8mm, you can fully enjoy your favorite smoothies while simultaneously protecting the environment. This product is provided in 3 forms: flat end, sharp end and individual wrapping.

Smoothie Rice Straw

Boba Rice Straw: Bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks for the youth today. However, using milk tea with plastic straws will increase the amount of plastic waste in the environment. Instead, you should use Xanh Vietnam Boba Rice Straw to help protect our green planet. The product is provided in 3 forms: flat end, sharp end and individual wrapping.

Boba Rice Straw

The aforementioned information is the answer to the question: Where is the best place to buy rice drinking straws? Hopefully, this article will help you with the useful knowledge. Please prioritize the use of self-degradation products to make our planet greener.


Where Is The Best Place To Buy Rice Drinking Straws?


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