Environmental contamination is a matter of urgency, getting more consideration from everybody. This is not only in Vietnam, but also in other nations and territories. It can be air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, marine pollution, etc. There are plenty of causes of environmental pollution. They can be from subjective reasons to objective ones, from people to nature, from consciousness to law policies, and so on. The state of the polluted environment can cause many detrimental effects not only on our health, but also on our future generations. As well as affecting animals and ecosystems. To protect the environment, you need not do enormous things. You just need to perform simple measures such as using the straws from Xanh Vietnam Rice Drinking Straws Manufacturer.

We only have a planet, our earth mother. No one expects our planet is overwhelmed with plastic waste. Together we protect the environment toward a greener planet for our future generations. Xanh Vietnam Manufacturer commited to producing and selling only eco-friendly products which are made from 100% natural ingredients such as rice starch, tapioca flour, and natural colors from vegetables, etc. Our rice straws are absolutely safe for users’ health and eco-friendly. Follow us on our website, facebook, youtube or twitter, etc., the latest information from Xanh Vietnam Rice Drinking Straws Manufacturer.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Rice Drinking Straws?

Are you an environment lover who is heading toward a greener lifestyle and desiring to contribute to environmental protection? Are you in a divided mind as to Where is the best place to buy rice drinking straws? Come to Xanh Vietnam. We specialize in providing rice straws wholesale prices, diversified sizes and colors with OEM service, meeting all needs of use.

Environmental protection News

All You Need To Know About PLA Biodegradable Plastic

You have probably heard about “PLA beads” or “PLA biodegradable plastic”, but chances are you are still ambiguous about this type of plastic and how it is applied in daily life. Let’s learn about this environmentally friendly plastic with Xanh Vietnam.

Environmental protection News

Eco-friendly Straws – The alternatives to Plastic Straws

Are you in a divided mind as to which eco-friendly straws can be alternatives to plastic ones? They carry the characteristics of traditional straws but with the added value of environmental protection. Let’s find out through this article with Xanh Vietnam!

Environmental protection News

How Are Plastic Straws Affecting The Environment?

Plastic straws are increasingly widely used in our lives. However, this is one of the hard-to-decompose waste types. Simultaneously, the harmful effects of plastic straws to the environment are enormous, especially for marine ecosystems. This article will help you learn about the harmful effects of plastic straws and their incredible destructive ability on our green planet.

Environmental protection News

How To Make Rice Drinking Straw?

Rice drinking straws are made from 100% natural ingredients that are totally safe for users’ health and the environment. So, how is the process of making rice drinking straws different from plastic straws? Let’s find out: how to make rice drinking straws with Xanh Vietnam.

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