Privacy Policies

The Privacy Policies are Xanh Vietnam’s commitment on the collection, usage, and protection of information left by customers on or through any of our interaction channels.

Once visiting and using this website, customers are assumed to have read, understood, and accepted the Privacy Policies of Xanh Vietnam. Xanh Vietnam reserves the right to amend and supplement the content of these policies. We recommend that when visiting, each customer should go through these policies to ensure that you fully understand how Xanh Vietnam uses your information.

We are committed to protect our customers’ information and would only use your information for internal activities within the business scope of Xanh Vietnam. Xanh Vietnam absolutely does not provide your information to any other third parties.

1. Information Collection 

Xanh Vietnam can only collect your information when you willingly submit your information to us, which includes: Name, Phone Number, Email address, and address of work. These information are only used to accommodate requests of our customers, unless we have received your approval beforehand to use these information for any other purposes.

2. Information Distribution

Xanh Vietnam absolutely does not provide your information to any third parties, unless requested by the law or by any authorized Government organizations, or when doing so allows Xanh Vietnam to create more utility and convenience for our customers.

Xanh Vietnam may use your information to perform market research or create a database to serve our business activities.

Xanh Vietnam definitely does not sell your information to any third parties. If a third party ever requests information from any of our customers, Xanh Vietnam will inform the customer first and would only share the information upon having his, her, or their approval.

These policies are effective throughout the time this website is active.

If there are any concerns, please feel free to contact us through our Phone number (+84) 845 961 968 or our Email

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation!


Delivery and Transportation Policies

1. Domestic Customers

Your order will be delivered from Xanh Vietnam manufacturing facility to the address provided in the Sales Contract, or another address requested by the buyer for eligible orders.
The order will be delivered through an Intermediary Shipping Service or directly by Xanh Vietnam within the city of Ho Chi Minh.
The shipping cost will be decided by the Buyer’s term of payment based on the order and will be communicated to the Buyer by a personnel from Xanh Vietnam.

Time of Delivery:

The delivery time is 07 days for in-stock goods. For orders that require extra production, Xanh Vietnam will inform the Buyer the accurate time of delivery.

The order will be processed once Xanh Vietnam receives the payment or the deposit from the Buyer.

Xanh Vietnam reserves the right to postpone delivery in the events of Force Majeure (wars, natural disasters, riots, pandemics,…).

For orders of large quantities, Xanh Vietnam will deliver your products in multiple shipments depending on the delivery address and the capabilities of the shipping service. When the products are delivered, we kindly ask that the person in-charge of receiving the goods is equipped with the Personal Identification Card or any documents of equivalent relevancy. We would need the signature of the receiver to complete the delivery and. The receiver will also be responsible for examining the quality and quantity of the order upon reception. The time of delivery will be alerted by Xanh Vietnam 3 days before and we kindly ask the Buyer to confirm with us within the next 24 hours. 

2. International Customers

For orders from international Buyers, the products will be delivered to any ports or airports per your request.

Time of Delivery:

The delivery time is 07 days for goods that are already in stock. For orders that require extra production, Xanh Vietnam will inform the Buyer the accurate time of delivery.

Any shipping cost will be decided based on Incoterms 2020. Our staff will be responsible for communicating the price quotation and shipping costs (if any) based on your request.

If there is any unanswered concern, please contact us directly through our phone number (+84) 845 961 968 or at so we can have the pleasure of assisting you!


Exchange and Warranty Policies

1. Exchange and Warranty Policies

Xanh Vietnam pledges that all products sold through our distribution channels are brand new, authentic, and meticulously protected. In the rare scenario that your products are defective, damaged, or not accurate to the stated description, Xanh Vietnam is entirely responsible for protecting the customers’ rights with our Exchange and Warranty Policies in the following events:

  • The products are inaccurate in terms of quantity, description, and design stated in the order.
  • The products are defective due to errors from Xanh Vietnam’s production process (including technical failures, inaccurate designs) or shortcomings from shipping activities (deformations, cracks, scratches,…)
  • The products become expired before or on the day they are delivered to customers.

Effective time of the Policies:

  • In 3-5 days upon reception of the goods. Customers are required to return the defective products back to Xanh Vietnam.

Required Conditions:

  • Products are still new and unused.
  • Products still have all accompanying documents (invoice, delivery receipt, testing records,…)
  • In the scenarios that the aforementioned conditions are not met, Xanh Vietnam reserves the right to decide whether the products are eligible for our Exchange and Warranty Policies.

2. Return Policy

Return Requirements:

  • Products are inaccurate in terms of quantity and not true to stated description and quality

Time of effect:

  • In 3 days upon reception of our products, buyers are responsible to check and return said products to Xanh Vietnam.

Return Costs

  • Xanh Vietnam is responsible for paying the return cost if we are at fault.

3. Refund Policies


  • Xanh Vietnam will refund 100% the value of the buyer’s order upon reception of the returned goods and completion of product appraisal.


  • We will refund your money directly into the bank account used when purchasing our products, or you can receive the refund amount directly at Xanh Vietnam’s Representative Office.

Processing Time:

  • In 05-07 business days.


Partner Policies

Please contact our personnels in charge to learn more about our Xanh Partner Policy and how to become a Sales Partner of Xanh Vietnam.

  1. Sang Hong Nguyen Business Manager
    Phone: +84968458811
  2. Tan Vuong V. Ho – Foreign Trade Specialist
    Phone: +84903716131
Or you can fill out the Form below and we will contact you for direct counselling!


Contact Information

  • Acronym: Xanh Vietnam
  • Representative Office: 69 Thanh Thai St, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Factory Address: A6/11E Vinh Loc St, Hamlet 1, Vinh Loc Town, Binh Chanh Province, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Phone: (+84) 845.961.968
  • Email:


Frequently Asked Questions

The colors of our products are all extracted from natural vegetables.


Yes, you can add your logo on our products but please make sure to send us a sketch first so we can make sure that it is completely suitable. We also accept OEM orders so you can customize our straws however you desire.


Of course we can. Please contact us through either our email at or our hotline/Whatsapp at (+84) 845 961 968 and we can arrange a sample to be delivered.




10-20 days if we have enough in stock or apprx. 30 days if extra production is required.


Our MOQ is 500kg or approximately 125,000 standard units.


We are a manufacturer. We produce our own Xanh Rice Straw brand and also accept OEM requests.


Our factory is located at Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Please feel free to pay us a visit! Let us know!


Up to 18 months of storage time under normal conditions and up to 2 hours in-drink.



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