Over the past one year, rice drinking straws have gradually become an alternative to plastic straws to reduce the amount of waste into the environment. Rice drinking straws are made from 100% natural ingredients that are totally safe for users’ health and the environment. So, how is the process of making rice drinking straws different from plastic straws? Let’s find out: how to make rice drinking straws with Xanh Vietnam.

Raw materials for producing Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws

How to make rice drinking straws
Raw materials for making Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws

Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws are made from whole grain rice that we use daily in our family meals combined with some natural color ingredients such as beetroot, activated charcoal, tapioca,… which are adjusted appropriately to create the color and durability of the straws.

The stages of making Rice Straws


Whole grain rice is pulverized and then filtered through a sieve. After that, the fine rice powder will be mixed with food colors derived from natural vegetables, tubers, and fruits such as black from activated charcoal, purple from beets, green from tea leaves, etc. This first phase is very vital because it affects the color of the outputs.

Thermal addition

Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws at thermal addition stage
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws at thermal addition stage

Once mixed, the rice flour will be steamed by an autoclave. Rice flour, after being steamed, will be transferred to a pelletizing machine to create small granules. This thermal addition phase helps the dough have toughness and elasticity, thus creating the durable rice straws in the drink.


Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws at forming stage
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws at forming stage

After the thermal addition stage, the granules will be transferred to the extruder. The dough will be pressed into long tubes and then transported on a conveyor belt through a temporary cooling system with evaporator fans. The forming stage determines the diameter of each rice straw through the extruder heads. For instance: 6mm diameter rice straws, 8mm diameter rice straws, 12mm diameter rice straws, and so on.


How to make rice drinking straws
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws on conveyor belt

At the end of the temporary cooling system, the cutting head determines the length of the tubes through the sensor and cuts the tubes to the calibrated length. This stage helps create the length of each type of rice straws such as 15cm, 20cm, 22cm, etc.

How to make rice drinking straws
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws at cutting stage


After being cut, the straws are not shaped yet, they will be carried to the dehydrating system. The straws are dried in roughly 60 minutes. The dehydrating system is programmed to heat in stages to ensure the greatest condition of straws after drying. This phase makes the straws dry and have a vertical shape.


After finishing the desiccating stage, the straws will be packed into standard packaging. The final straws have an expiry date under normal environmental conditions approximately 18 months on average. In room temperature and icy water, rice drinking straws can be kept in shape for up to 180 minutes. The rice straws will decompose immediately in the environment after use.

How to make Rice Drinking Straws at Xanh Vietnam?

Xanh Vietnam aims to make the world become a safer place for future generations. Therefore, quality has always been a decisive factor in our rice straws production chain. Hopefully, rice straws could completely replace plastic straws in the near future.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, all stages of our production process, from material sources to manufacturing facilities, are certified by international benchmarks, namingly HACCP and ISO 22000:2018.

How to make rice drinking straws
International benchmarks: HACCP and ISO 22000:2018

Our factory is located in Binh Chanh province, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on a 2300m² area. Our manufacturing facility consists of four production lines that run two shifts per day, allowing us to supply 1,200 tons of rice straws to the market annually. We are committed to deliver rice drinking straws of the highest quality to the market. Besides increasing production capacity, we also invest heavily in R&D through research programs with major universities across the country.

Xanh Vietnam Rice Straw Factory
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straw Factory

In addition, Xanh Vietnam also provides OEM service, so that customers can choose the processing specifications and packaging designs as required to create their very own rice straw products which transmit the brand message to everyone. This is the difference in how we produce rice straws here at Xanh Vietnam.

Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws OEM Process
Xanh Vietnam Rice Straws OEM Process

With a dedicated and professional team, Xanh Vietnam is always ready to advise customers from sizes, styles, colors to packaging designs to get the most satisfactory and suitable products. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us serve you and together we make our environment greener.


How To Make Rice Drinking Straw?


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