Environmental pollution is a matter of urgency, getting more attention from everyone. This is not only in Vietnam, but also in other countries and localities. The Global Plastic Waste Reduction Initiative is our very own commitment to the community. Carrying on our shoulders the mission to protect the environment, we at Xanh Vietnam hold ourselves responsible for creating positive impacts toward a greener life for the youth. To realize this goal, we have established the Global Plastic Waste Reduction Initiative and are committed to donate parts of our profit to this organization to help alleviate plastic waste problems. By contributing to this fund, Xanh Vietnam wants to create a common goal for our employees, customers, suppliers, Government organizations, consumers, and so on to together contribute good values for the next generations. Join Xanh Vietnam and together we create a greener planet!
Global plastic Waste reduction initiative
Reaching out to A Green Life and minimize plastic straws waste by using rice ones from Xanh Vietnam

We aren’t simply a rice drinking straw manufacturer. Xanh Vietnam is committed to practical actions and become a leader of the Green Economy.
“We operate not just for profit but rather to build a better living environment.”

Hai D. Ho

Chairman Of The Board

Global Plastic Waste Reduction Initiative


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